Mr. and Mrs. Boswell
Fox and Kayla, Together Forever!

From "I Do" to Forever...Congratulations Fox and Kayla!

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Fox and Kayla have quite the amazing lovestory.  The two met on a hot summer day in August in "Viva Las Vegas"!  Kayla was in town helping a friend, and Fox happened to be in town for his 21st Birthday with some of his fraternity brothers from Pi Kappa Alpha.  They all happened to meet up at the Planet Hollywood pool, and, as Kayla says, "the rest was not history, because I thought that Fox was incredibly obnoxious".  Luckily, the two met up again later that night and got a chance to get to know each other a little more, and Kayla realized that Fox was a pretty cool guy.  The next night, he actually stayed with her while his friends went out to a club (remember, this was his birthday weekend) because Kayla wasn't 21 yet.  They exchanged numbers and left town the next day - Kayla didn't expect to hear from Fox again, but five hours later the first text message arrived.  "You were super embarassing this weekend", Fox wrote...and the two didn't stop texting after that.  

Once back in Davis, before school started, Kayla and Fox spent a lot of time hanging out.  They spent some time in Southern California where Fox took Kayla on their first official see Halloween 2, their first and last "scary movie date".  Kayla decided to move back to Davis because, in her words, "she knew this guy was something special and wanted to see where this would go".  Things only got better from there, and they have been together officially for 10 years!

When asked what she loves most about Fox, Kayla said, "There are so many things I love about Fox, it’s hard to put into words all the things I love about him. He is one of the most caring people I know. He loves unconditionally, not only me, but his family and friends. You can see how much everyone means to him. And he surrounds himself with amazing people, everyone likes him when they meet him. . He knows how to make me feel better, with just a hug, and can make me laugh, even when I’m sad."

Forever is Finally Here...

When asked what he loves most about Kayla, Fox said, "Kayla is passionate, loving, and loyal.  I love that she wears her emotions on her sleeve and the balance that it gives our relationship.  She is open and strong in her love for her family and friends (and dog) and would do anything for her loved ones.  I am proud to have a partner who so clearly cares so much for all of those in her life."

Fox proposed in true "style".  He had everything planned for December 30th, 2018.  He told Kayla he was taking her on a little wine tasting trip in Southern California.  She thought maybe something was up because all plans with friends had been cancelled, but after stopping at the first winery and having nothing happen, those feelings went away a bit.  They normally visit Laguna Beach on Labor Day, but hadn't that year, so when Fox took her there, she thought it was just to try this restaurant that she had been dying to try.  They pulled up at the Inn at Laguna Beach, where Fox said they were going to grab a drink on the rooftop bar, but instead he pulled into the "check in" area.  Kayla told him he couldn't park there, but he did anyway and surprised her with a check-in...he had even packed a bag for her!  They had that drink on the rooftop bar, enjoying the beauty of Laguna Beach, and afterwards went to their room, grabbed some wine and headed to the beach to enjoy the evening.  Fox was hoping for a clear night, but the clouds rolled in.  There on the beach, Fox handed Kayla a note.  She read the words "Will You Marry Me?" and turned to see Fox down on his knee.  He had to use the flashlight on his phone because the moon was covered by clouds, but that made everything all the more memorable!  Of course, Kayla said YES!

The two chose the White Barn for thier amazing wedding day because Kayla had always loved the idea of a "rustic barn wedding", but also wanted something amazing that was big enough for all of their guests to mingle and have a good time.  They fell in love with the White Barn - Kayla loved the interior chandeliers and wagon, and Fox loved the ceremony area.  When their wedding day arrived, they made use of the entire facility in such epic fashion.  They had an amazing band, "The Moonshiners Collective", incredible food, a string quartet for the ceremony music, and a wedding party of 19 people!  The ceremony was incredibly beautiful, and they finally got the chance, in front of all their friends and family, to say "I Do"!  To say that the evening was a epic party would be an understatement, as these two absolutely had all of their bases covered.

Congratulations Fox and two have already spent 10 years together and that was just the beginning of "forever"!


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